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Personal Information

Employment Desired

Are you experienced in any of the following fields?

Please check all that apply.
Do you hold a valid X-RAY license?
Please check off the following duties you are qualified to perform.
Are you experienced in digital X-RAYS
Can you chart the following?

Employment History


Terms and Conditions

Please fill out the entire application and submit to Dental Connections.  If it is more convenient, you may fax this information directly to Dental Connections Inc. at  (973) 694-4918 wait for the recording and hit send.  


Please note that if taxes are not withheld from your wages on your temporary/permanent assignments, it is your responsibility to keep accurate records of deducible items. You must declare all wages earned to the IRS at the end of the years. Please check with your accountant for further instructions. You will be paid directly by the Dentist.

“I certify that the facts contained in this application are the truth.  Any falsified statements on this application shall be grounds for dismissal. “

“I hereby understand the guidelines provided by Dental Connections Inc. and agree to use Dental Connections Inc.  as a referral service for temporary/permanent placement.  I will not allow myself to be directly solicited for temporary work by the Dental Office through Dental Connections Inc. . . .  If  I am introduced to a Dental Office through Dental Connections Inc.  and a permanent placement is made; I understand that a permanent placement fee is due from that Dental Office t Dental Connections Inc. If I accept a permanent or temporary assignment and choose not to inform Dental Connections Inc, who had made the initial introductions, I am aware that I am responsible for the permanent or temporary fees.”

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